Vetiver Girl Natalie Pinto

Meet Vetiver Girl Natalie Pinto, writer of the blog TheFashionablyBroke. When we first started our brand, we were looking for women who had a story to tell and a lifestyle to share, which is why we were excited to be introduced to Natalie just last year! She completely vibed with our idea of an effortless yet bold wardrobe, and we love seeing how she styles her favorite Vetiver pieces into her daily outfits. 

It has been quite the journey for us this past year, and we are glad to have Natalie represent us and watch her grow as an influencer and woman. Scroll down for a short Q&A we did with her and learn more about how she became an influencer and her thoughts about the industry. 

The Vetiver Collection | Natalie Pinto The Vetiver Collection | Natalie Pinto


The Vetiver Collection | Natalie Pinto


The Vetiver Collection | Natalie Pinto

How did you get into blogging? 
I’ve always loved fashion and photography, so when I discovered blogs for the first time (over six years ago!), it felt like something that I would enjoy so I decided to start my own.  My sister and I are super close so we decided to start one together just for fun, this was way before blogs were what they are today.  I remember the first comment I ever got on my blog - This was before social media, so I was shocked that someone had even found my site.  I loved the feeling of someone responding to my content, that I worked so hard on regardless if anyone was seeing it, and I wanted that feeling again. I researched anything and everything I could about how to run a successful blog, which led me to social media (pre-Instagram days, Twitter was all the rage!) when I was able to connect with my readers as well as other influencers. This, combined with local networking, is what really helped me grow and see that I could make this into a business and begin earning money doing what I loved.  About two and a half years ago I left my job as the Digital Content Producer & Webmaster for two radio stations (a job I actually landed because of my experience in blogging, all self-taught) to focus on my brand and my blog full time.  
Do you ever find any pressures or difficulties being in the fashion industry? If so, how do you deal with them? 
I think every industries has it’s difficulties, but I’ve found the fashion industry’s to be something unique that I had never experienced before. I’m a pretty outgoing, confident person, but this industry can be intimidating and has brought out some insecurities I never knew I had. It can also feel somewhat vain sometimes and all about status or numbers, but I think that just comes with the nature of the business. I make sure to balance my time in real life and on my blog with more “real,” lifestyle content to ensure my audience feels like they can relate to me.  While fashion is a main vertical on my blog, there’s so much more to me than that, and I love sharing all aspects of my life in a way that my readers can enjoy as well as benefit from in some way. Whether it’s being inspired to workout or eat healthier, to volunteering, and traveling to new places, my readers have come to enjoy a variety of topics from me. 
 What are some trends or styles that you find are timeless each season? 
It’s funny that you ask that because this season, more than ever really, I’ve noticed that so many trends do stay around! But some of those this fall include timeless prints like plaid, polka dots, and hounds tooth.  Leopard and snakeskin are also really popular this season (Like, your leopard dress  - A must-have!).  Suiting seems to always be popular and I love it because I live in blazers and trousers, I just usually wear them separately, so it's a fresh take on a classic style.
What do you love about your Vetiver pieces and how did you incorporate them into your daily wardrobe (or NYFW wardrobe) ?
I love how effortless my looks felt while still making a style statement. The leopard maxi dress is unexpectedly subtle.  You don't always find me in a maxi dress, but I can't get enough of that cowl neck.  It's totally '90's vibes.  The Between The Sheets pants are also such a fresh take on the "pajamas" trend.  The little slits on the side are my favorite part because you can still show off your shoes when wearing them!  They were also a great length for me, since I'm on the shorter side. I could wear them with heels or sneakers.  Plus, you can't beat that comfort level, and during fashion week comfort is like gold.
Thefashionablybroke | Natalie Pinto

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