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Brigitte Dress

$131.00 $187.00

Effortless and lightweight cotton mini dress featured in an off-the-shoulder silhouette.  Has an elastic smocked bodice and adjustable  straps.  ★100% Cotton ★ Model is wearing size 4 

Brigitte L/S Shoulder Top

$122.50 $175.00

This top has a smocked off-the-shoulder neckline and self ties at the sleeve cuffs for a billowed sleeve.  ★100% Cotton ★ Model is wearing size 4 

Brigitte Maxi

$192.50 $275.00

Introducing the dress of the summer and print of the season. This maxi dress has an elastic smocked bodice with adjustable tie straps. Ruffle detail at  the bottom hem.  ★100% Cotton ★Model is wearing size 4 

Casey Carlson

My biggest inspiration is probably my big sister! She is a super strong and a fearless creative who has turned her art into a business. I have looked up to her since I was born to this very day. SHOP THE WINONA DRESS  SHOP THE BRIGITTE MAXI

Sarah Loven

As an Aquarius, I’m constantly seeking to reinvent myself and fulfill my passions and inspirations. I find self expression through fashion to be so intriguing, and that is why my passion for photography grew to include blogging. I want to experience the world and dress the part, and document it...